An orchestra with a varying a geometry formed on a permanent core (20 musicians ) and several guest.
ALAN SILVA came to live in Paris in 1969 . From then until 1972 he devoted himslelf to creating musical events reuniting the greatest musicians passing through or living in Paris under the name of
CELESTRIAL COMMUNICATION ORCHESTRA . He has played with this orchestra at the Maison de la Radio, for the Biennial of Paris, at the National Theatre of Paris, for the International Festival of Contemporary Music at La Rochelle, in Royan, Geneva, etc...
He reformed the CELESTRIAL COMMUNICATION ORCHSTRA in 1977, with the goal of having a fixed personnel for the orchestra while always keeping free chairs for musicians visiting Paris. The C.C.O. then appears at Le Palace, La Chapelle des Lombards, Le Petit Forum, the Beaubourg Center during the Festival du Marais, at the Dunois Theatre, at the Humanite Fair (French communist party and newspaper), the Cafe de la Gare, during the First International Jazz Festival of Paris at the Theatre Present, at the Theatre du Lierre, for the printer's guild of Le Monde newspaper, in Douai, etc...
A music tightly prepared in rehearsal and yet very improvisational at the moment of the concert. Dialectic between the composer and the musicians/improvisers/creaters. SILVA composes for specific individuals rather than writing for instruments. The orchestra writes, interpretesappropriates the leader's ideas. In concert, free run for the collective energy. Mass mouvements. Unity. Diversity. Explosion.

Celestrial Communications Orchestra American Edition
will perform on May 24. and May 27. 2001 at the Uncool Festival

Title of the composition:
Resolution HR57 Improvisation Is A American Treasures

Poetic Vocals: Ijeoma Thomas
Trumpets: Roy Campbell, Raphe Malik, Baikida Carroll,
Trombones: Joseph Bowie, Steve Swell,
Bass Trombone and Tuba: Bill Lowe, Joseph Daley
Alto Saxophone: Marshall Allen,
Tenor Saxophone: Kid Jordan, Sabir Mateen, Francis Wong
Clarinets and Baritone Saxophone: J.D. Perran
Winds: Oluyemi Thomas
Basson: Karen Borca
Contrabasses: Wilber Morris, William Parker,
Percussion: Warren Smith
Piano: Bobby Few

Freeform Improvisations composed and conductions by ALAN SILVA.

Celestrial Communications Orchestra American Edition
will perform on February 27. 2003 at the Magic Triangle
Title of the composition:
Resolution HR57 Improvisation Is A American Treasures

Discography of the Celestrial Communications Orchestra:

Alan Silva And His Celestrial Communication Orchestra-Luna Surface
BYG/Actuel 529.312 F rec Paris 8/17/69
Bernard Vitet-tp,frh Grachan Moncur III-tb Archie Shepp-ss Anthony Braxton-ss,as Kenneth Terroade-ts Dave Burrell-p Alan Silva-vln Leroy Jenkins-vln,vla Beb Guerin-b Malachi Favors-b Claude Delcloo-d


Alan Silva And The Celestrial Communication Orchestra-Seasons
BYG/Actuel 529.342/43/44 F rec3 Paris, Studio 104, Maison de l'O.R.T.F 12/29/70
Alan Silva-leader,b,el-vln,el-sarangi,bow and spring-two French electroacoustic instruments Bernard Vitet-tp,frh Lester Bowie-tp,flh Alan Shorter-tp Joseph Jarman-saxes,fl,bassoon Steve Lacy-ss Ronnie Beer-ts,ss,fl Roscoe Mitchell-saxes,fl,oboe Robin Kenyatta-as,fl Michel Portal-as,cl Dieter Gewissler-el-vln Jouk Minor-el-vla Kent Carter-cel Irene Aebi-cel,celeste Dave Burrell-p Bobby Few-p Joachim Kuhn-p Malachi Favors-b Beb Guerin-b Don Moye-d,perc Jerome Cooper-d,perc,bronte Oliver Johnson-tympani,perc

Celestrial Communication Orchestra-My Country
Leo 302 F cd Royan, France, Festival de Musique Contemporaine 1971
Alan Silva-cond,vln,sarangi,el-bow,ac-bow,el-spring,ac-spring Anthony Braxton-as,ss Steve Lacy-ss Becky Friend-fl,as Robin Kenyatta-as Ronnie Beer-as Hugh Levick-ts Lubomir Tamaskovic-ts Jouk Minor-bs Bernard Vitet-tp,frh Ambrose Jackson-tp Oche Ray Stephens-tp Noel McGhee-d,perc Jerome Cooper-d,perc Bob Reid-b Kent Carter-b Beb Guerin-b Francois Tusques-p,org,celeste,perc David Horowitz-p Robert Wood-vib

Alan Silva/The Celestrial Communication Orchestra-The Shout/Portait from a Small Woman
Sun SEB 003 F rec Paris, Studio Davot 11/78
Georges Menousek-as Georges Gaumont-ss Jo Maka-as,ss Francois Cotinaud-ts,oboe Jouk Minor-brs,cbcl Denis Colin-bcl,octocontralto cl Robert Garrison-tp Pierre Sauvageot-tp Bernard Vitet-tp Itaru Oki-tp Adolf Winkler-tb Michael Zwerin-tb Pierre Faure-fl Jacques Dolias-vln Catherine Lienhardt-vln Bruno Girard-vln Helene Bass-cel Pierre Jacquet-b Armand Assouline-perc Michael Coffi-d Muhammad Ali-d Alan Silva-comp,arr

Celestrial Communication Orchestra-Desert Mirage
IACP 7004/5 F rec2 Paris, Studio Aquarium 6/25/82 6/26/82 6/27/82
Alan Silva-dir Pierre Faure-fl Carl Schlosser-fl,piccolo Aldridge Hansberry-fl,alto fl Karo-alto cl Denis Colin-bcl Jean Querlier-oboe,ehn Bruno Girard-vln Pascal Morrow-vln Didier Petit-cel Itaru Oki-tp,bugle Jeff Beer-tp Serge Adam-tp Bernard Vitet-tp Michael Zwerin-tb Domenico Criseo-tb Francois Cotinaud-ts Georges Gaumont-ts Arthur Doyle-ts Philippe Sellam-as Sebastien Franck-as Henri Grinberg-ss Antoine Mizrahi-el-b Rosine Feferman-b Francis Gorge-g Francois Leymarie-el-b Jacques Marugg-vib,marimba,timbales Adrien Bitan-vib,timbales Ron Pittner-d Bernard Drouillet-d Gilles Premel-perc

Alan Silva Conducts Vision Orchestra Video
Context Studios Production USA vid NYC 5/99
Michael Attias-woodwinds Karen Borca-woodwinds Will Connell, Jr.-woodwinds Scott Currie-woodwinds Kali Z. Fasteau-woodwinds Ori Kaplan-woodwinds Andrew Lamb-woodwinds Elliott Levin-woodwinds Sabir Mateen-woodwinds Roy Campbell, Jr.-tp Stephen Haynes-tp Taylor Ho Bynum-tp Raphe Malik-tp Alex Lodica-tb Steve Swell-tb Dave Hofstra-tu Bill Lowe-tu Jackson Krall-d Warren Smith-d Mark Hennen-p Alan Silva-synth,cond Wilber Morris-b
Vision I (Silva) 50:39

Alan Silva & the Visions Orchestra
Eremite 026 USA cd